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The Slap Chop Food Chopper


Start Making Entire Salads In 4 Minutes Flat Without Touching A Tear-jerking Onion Again With the Slap Chop Food Chopper!


slap chop food chopper pictureIf you’ve always loved salads but couldn’t commit them to your daily diet because of the long preparation process and messy clean up afterwards – Extreme Smart Products has finally found an efficient solution to making whole salads in less than 5 minutes WHILE peeling onions without shedding tears ever again!


Chances are that if you’ve turned your TV on after 10 PM, you’ve seen Vince Offer (you know, the ShamWow! guy) jumping around talking about the Slap Chop food chopper – a hand-held device with internal blades that quickly and easily chops any food you place over it just by slapping the handle at the top!


I thought the Slap Chop would be a great way to save time on meal preparation and eliminate the need for any clean up, and since Extreme Smart Products loves to review products that make boring tasks easier or more efficient – we ordered the Slap Chop Food Chopper and waited.


Once it finally arrived and I had a chance to use it in a few situations – the results absolutely blew me away!


A 30-Minute Salad Took Just 4 Minutes To Make!


When the Slap Chop had finally been delivered – I took it home to test that same night. I started off slow, put a tomato into the Slap Chop, and SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP – the tomato was perfectly chopped into little bits! The blades inside the Slap Chop are sharp so you never have to worry about a squishy mess, you get just the right-sized slices each time. I started slapping cucumbers, leeks, and even canned tuna – the Slap Chop made short work of all the ingredients quickly and easily!


There was no mess to clean up because of the Slap Chop pop-on bottom, which let me put veggies right into the Slap Chop, put the bottom on, slap the food into little pieces inside the Slap Chop and dump it right into the salad bowl!


The Slap Chop even solved the age-old onion problem! Although I love onions because they can make anything taste great and are super-healthy for you – the acid released into the air cutting an onion that makes you weep like a school girl can certainly take away from the experience. All I had to do with the Slap Chop is pop the onion into it, skin and everything, give it a few slaps – and presto! The onion was chopped into fine little pieces while the skin was untouched! I dumped the chopped onion into the salad bowl, took out the skin, and just like that – I could now peel and chop onions without shedding a single tear!


Before I knew it – my salad was complete. Instead of the usual 20-minute preparation time and 10 minutes of clean up afterwards – the Slap Chop allowed me to make the salad in 4 minutes FLAT! The salad was delicious and the test, a success. The Slap Chop helped me make salad 7 times faster than usual, and there was no mess to clean up afterwards!

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The Slap Chop Is Great To Make On-The-Go Breakfast Too!


I was eating my cereal a few days later in the morning, and my girlfriend rushes into the kitchen in an absolute panic about being late for work.


Being the quick thinker that she is (her brain works a lot faster than mine in the morning) – she grabbed the Slap Chop, some fruit, a fork, a Tupperware container and sliced an entire fruit salad right into the container within 2 minutes! She was out the door the next minute with an entire breakfast-to-go, courtesy of Slap Chop!



And Unlike Every Other Food Chopper Out There, Slap Chop Is Easy To Clean...



If you’ve ever used another food chopper, you know they’re impossible to clean behind the blades. Then the bacteria begin to build up on the inside – and before you know it, you’ve got a potential food poisoning hazard on your hands.


The Slap Chop was designed with easy cleaning kept in mind and pops open like a butterfly, allowing full access to the blades. You can manually wash them in a minute – or just place the opened Slap Chop right into the dishwasher for an easy wash!

See How the Slap Chop Opens Like a Butterfly in A Live Demonstration>>



Overall Love Factor – 9/10


Here at Extreme Smart Products, we still use the Slap Chop on a daily basis. It’s the perfect way to significantly cut down on your cooking time and eliminates the need to clean up. I love finally being able to chop onions without fear, and the easy pop-open-to-clean design! (I just open it and stick it in the dishwasher!)


The only negative we’ve found was that the Slap Chop is not ideal for commercial use since it’s too small to cut dozens of kilos/pounds of veggies per day. That being said, the Slap Chop is still perfect for everyday personal kitchen use, and an ideal replacement for any kitchen knife!


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Slap Chop food chopper.


Your Extreme Smart Products Team!



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